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Price list

Price list

/ Price list
Price list

Operation Process time Price in CZK
Initial examination   1.200,-
Child initial examination   from 750,-
Routine check-up   from 500,-
Consult for referred patients   from 350,-
Parodontal check-up   from 1.000,-
Intraoral X-ray   200,-
Panoramic X-ray (2D)   700,-
CBCT (3D)   900,-
Anaesthetics   from 200,-
Sedation   from 7.000,-
Dental hygiene with APM 30 mins from 990,-
Dental hygiene with APM 60 mins from 1.490,-
Airflow with APM   600,-
Teeth whitening (1 jaw)   4.700,-
Glass-ionomer filling in a child patient   from 800,-
Glass-ionomer filling   from 1.400,-
Composite filling (white)   from 1.400,-
Endodontic treatment of one root canal   from 2.800,-
Metaloceramic crown   12.000,-
Whole-ceramic crown   from 14.000,-
Veneer   10.000-,
Overlay   from 9.900,-
Extraction of premature tooth   from 400,-
Extraction of permanent tooth   from 1.200,-
Astra Implant   16.500,-


my DENT is a private dental practice providing care at an outstanding level. We will gladly fill out your international insurance paperwork for your further reimbursement

Warranty on our work applies to patients who come regularly for their check-ups and dental hygiene recalls twice a year.

You can pay cash or by credit card.

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