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Preventive Dentistry

  • Initial examination and routine Check-ups for adults and children
  • X-rays (intraoral, 2D - panoramic and 3D - CBCT)
  • Treatment plan creation based on Diagnosis determination
  • Dental hygiene – ultrasound tartar removal, removal of stains and pigments with special polishing fluoride paste and if indicated airflow with polishing powder, local fluoridation, patient motivation and instruction for home care
  • Thorough parodontal examination, check-ups and treatment
  • Teeth whitening

Restorative dentistry

  • Treating caries (cavities, decays) in adults and children
  • Esthetic white fillings (composite, glassionomer) and restorations
  • Onlays and overlays (composite, ceramic)
  • Root canal treatments and retreatments using a surgical microscope
  • Post-endodontic treatment with prosthetic follow-up

Prosthetic dentistry

  • Fixed dental replacements = replacing a missing tooth or larger sections of teeth loss due to caries or injuries while conserving the roots and/or implanting
  • Veneers
  • Crowns (metaloceramic, zirkonia, highly esthetic whole-ceramic)
  • Bridges (solving the problem of the loss of one or more teeth by bridging the gap and anchoring to the neighbouring teeth) – metaloceramic or highly aesthetic all-ceramic bridges

Dental surgery

  • Extractions of premature (deciduous) teeth
  • Extractions, including complicated cases
  • Apex resections
  • Implants (Astra Tech Implant System)
  • Bone augmentation
  • Parodontal surgery

Specified treatment can be performed in analgosedation

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